Our Non Replaceable Dress Code - SAREE

by Kartik Rangholiya on Jul 25, 2022

Our non replacable dress code - SAREE

If you are an Indian Lady, your wardrobe will look incomplete without Saree section. Today, in modern time ladies are going to use various types of dresses instead of saree in their regular life like Salwar Kamiz, Leggings Kurta, Jeans top, One piece etc. Though on festival functions, Spiritual Functions, Marriage Functions they still wear saree which gives them a perfect touch.

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In Indian history, you can see our goddess also wear mostly Red Saree, Yellow Saree, White Saree, Green Saree. Which colors and pure and fill our mind with pure thoughts.

Silk Sarees


Though this SIX-meter-long fabric is slight difficult to manage while wearing, but different style of wrapping saree in different state, make our India Dressing culture variant state by state.

Silk Saree


Though today ladies are avoiding to wear Saree in regular life, but if doesn’t mean that saree has lost its importance in modern times. Now a days ladies wear Saree with Jeans and also Leggings, Pants etc. also today in modern times, Saree is one part of our fashion world.


spicy saree