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What is Dupatta and it’s Types

The dupatta is a shawl that ladies in the subcontinent customarily wear. The dupatta is now most often worn as part of a female's shalwar kameez dress, over the kurta and public record. Across the subcontinent, the dupatta is worn in a variety of regional ways. It was initially worn as a mark of humility. While the meaning remains, many people today wear it as a beautiful item. There is no one way to dress a drape, and as time passes and fashion develops, so does the style of the dupatta.

Traditionally, a dupatta is draped both across shoulders and across the neck. The dupatta, on the other hand, may be worn like a cloak over the entire body. The dupatta's material changes depending on the outfit.


1- Banarsi Dupatta

Banarsi continually strikes a chord in my memory of a royal princess. Banarsi cloth makes up for the fine saris to carry, that have been broadly cherished with the aid of using Indian ladies. Indian Women were visible sporting banarsi saris elegantly from a long time now, and Pakistani ladies have taken upon banarsi lehengas and dupattas with sheer beauty as well. Banarsi dupattas are bright, colourful and appearance uber desi and delightful over shalwar kameez or pishwas clothes. Banarasi silk dupattas were trending lately, and that they appearance lovely to put on. This lovely ensemble became worn with the aid of using Hira, the lovely splendor and style Instagrammer, in collaboration with Sapphire.


2- Velvet Dupattas

Velvet dupattas had been visible anywhere we grew to become ultimate iciness. They had been the communicate of the town, and so that they have to be due to the fact they appearance magical and places up the sport of a proper get dressed from 1 to 10. We all are hoping velvet dupatta fashion live until coming iciness as well, hands crossed.


3- Shawl Dupattas

Shawl dupattas are the ideal vital for winters. Looks modest and royal, continues you heat, and is elegant on the identical time. Shawl dupattas are we able to paired with regular clothes in addition to weddings clothes with embroidery. Every woman wishes to have as a minimum one scarf dupatta in her cloth dresser, aleven though our advice is to have as a minimum two. One have to be reserved for formal put on, and this could be an embroidered scarf. While the apparent scarf is only for informal, regular put on like whilst you’re going for walks out of the residence to run errands and can’t discover a matching dupatta, snatch the impartial scarf.


4- Ajrak Dupattas

These age-vintage Sindhi dupattas were each woman’s overwhelm at one factor or another. They appearance brilliant whilst worn with simple fits. Blogger Shehzeen is visible right here sporting the dupatta with a simple outfit and her restricted version rings that she has designed in collaboration with India Trend. You can observe their web page to


5- Dupattas For Hijab

When it involves protecting your head, the hijab style has developed over the years. Initially, it became greater approximately protecting your head, and chest modestly with huge and lose headscarves, however, with time, the hijab fashion had merged with contemporary-day style; as a result distinct hijab patterns and dupatta fashion have developed. One lovely and stylish hijab dupatta to have to have on your cloth dresser is a sleek, bright satin cloth dupatta. It provides a costly and glitzy contact to the outfit. Be it simple satin scarves or the broadcast ones, make certain you get a terrific searching cloth as satin catches and displays mild from distinct angles.


6- Dye Dupatta

Tired of the identical manufacturers and looking the identical prints that everybody is sporting? Why now no longer layout your personal outfit this year? Tie and dye dupattas provide you with a lot room for creativity. Most neighborhood Indian and Pakistani fabric markets have dyers which could provide you with a custom designed dupatta, dyed in colour, and layout of your preference at a really affordable rate.


7- Chunri Dupatta

Oh, a chunri dupatta, my absolute favorite. I might recommend you all purchase coloured chunri print dupattas and make your simple and stupid clothes colourful and eye-catching. Everyday simple and darkish kurta pajamas may be became festive searching and colourful clothes with a chunri dupatta and a few desi jhumkas and neck portions to finish the appearance. Chunri dupattas have come and long gone from style, however they by no means completely burst off the screen. It can serve you as your go-to get dressed for any unique occasion. Heavy embroidered wedding ceremony attires may be paired with chunri dupattas as well..


8-  Floral Print Dupatta

With spring comes floral print. Nothing greater cool to the eyes, colourful, spring and summer time season suitable than a floral print dupatta. Floral dupattas paired with floral revealed fits or otherwise, with regular clothes, it could placed up the sport of an outfit from 1 to 10. Floral prints are visible anyplace you switch in spring after which it prolongs to summers maximum of the times, which makes it suitable for each the seasons. You can pair a floral print dupatta with a  simple kurta pajama, anarkali or a pishwas or lovely garden suit. Floral print dupattas make for a lovely scarf as well.


9 Net Fabric Dupatta

Net dupattas are the maximum first-rate paintings of splendor I have to say. They upload a shiny but stylish fashion to the outfit. Heading out to a get-collectively and don’t recognize what to throw over your desi attire? A internet dupatta is the answer. Net dupattas are visible on each nook you switch to those days, be it heavy labored wedding ceremony put on, garden or chiffon fits or celebration put on embroidered clothes for weddings and festivities each. You can pair a white banarsi shalwar kameez with a internet dupatta with a few gotta on it, and you're geared up for a dholki, mayoon, mehndi, Diwali, Eid or a informal get collectively with pals.


10- Georgette Fabric Dupatta

As quickly as we communicate approximately georgette dupattas, our mind immediately lands on wedding ceremony attires. That is due to the fact georgette dupattas are particularly worn with heavy wedding ceremony attires and partywear embroidered clothes, as georgette dupatta is quite heavy itself and it can't be carried with regular attires to college or paintings. To tame down the lovely and heavy labored georgette dupatta, you have to fine put on it with a simple shalwar kameez, a pishwas or anarkali get dressed with a few jhumkas and bangles to pinnacle it off. These georgette dupattas are announcement portions themselves, so that they don’t want embroidered clothes to cause them to greater eye-catchy. It provides a royal appearance to the entire outfit.

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